Missing Thread To End The South Sudan Crisis!

By Joseph Madak Wuol,
Photo shows Spla -Juba Tanks destroyed in Shelling combats (photo supplied)

Photo shows Spla -Juba Tanks destroyed in Shelling combats (photo supplied)

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015(Nyamilepedia)With great simplicity to this complex issue, it is important to reflect that throughout the historical lessons of brokered or rather mediated peace agreement (s) between warring parties or parties to whatever form of conflict, usually there are concerns as to whether the parties will commit to implement whatever has been agreed by the parties. however, we can only name a few that has passed the test. The CPA signed between the SPLM/ A and the NCP in Naivasah , Kenya in 9 January 2005 is one reference example. However, in this particular situation and many others,  there’s been only a situation of more than one dishonouring of an agreement right after signing such an agreement as was the case between the SPLM in Juba and the SPLM in Opposition.
The new mechanism of IGAD- PLUS, TROIkA, China and the UNSCATHED is confronted with the challenge of guarantees to whether their already scheduled process to end the current devastation conflict between the SPLM in Juba and the SPLM in Opposition will meet the fate of the previously signed agreement (s)  by the warring parties since January 2914 under the auspices of IGAD without PLUS and what will be their safety valve for such an agreement to be implemented?

Understandingly, the human suffering and pains resulting from the grave atrocities and destruction  caused to vulnerable unarmed civilians in South Sudan, it is important to  strongly recommend to IGAD- PLUS, TROIkA, China and UNSC and the warring parties to consider these two practical conflict resolution strategies best suited to this situation; One, in event the leaders agreed to meet to receive the draft proposals for consultation with their respective power-base, they should ensure that  the political leadership  ( Kiir and Machar) take responsibility to implement the relevant political protocol in full including the power sharing details and the military commands to to take responsibility upon the final singing of tSecurity protocol and its accompanying details and be there in person during the final signing of the agreement.

Secondly, the  IGAD- PLUS, TROIkA, China and the UNSC will be able to apportion blame and accountability in case of any party reneging from its commitment. To the signed agreement ( Protocol).
More importantly, each of the warring parties are facing significant pressure from their respective camps and IGAD – PLUS, TROIKA, China and the UNSC should not ignore such a pressure put on either Kiir or Machar. For example, the Nuer loyalist in the side of Kiir government would fear revenge for atrocities they are committing, loss of their positions and also the politicians holding constitutional positions such as ministers, governors,and commissioners. 
In the CPA agreement in January 2005′ President Bashir was not only wise enough but courageous in decision and instructed the South Sudanese militia leadership to join the final CPA final agreement process so that they are clear of their fate should the agreement is signed and implemented.. Kiir in particular would need to take serious steps for its Nuer militia not to stand on way for peace in fear of revenge for the atrocities they have been committing against their communities in Unity State, Upper Nile and Jonglei State.
The AU and the rest of the international community should know that the Rwandan genocide neglect continue to haunt humanity for inaction as has been the case for South Sudanese for over nineteen months.
The writer can be reached at josephwuol2014@gmail.com

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