Condemnation of Kampala Meeting of so-called front lines state to South Sudan.

By John Puol Chuol | President, NYU

Nuer Youth Union

August 16, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — In regard to South Sudan crisis in general and recent Kampala meeting of so called front lines states to South Sudan, we, the Nuer youth are coming out clearly to condemn the following individuals and organizations on their evil involvement to crisis and we also condemn the failure of world leaders to condemn those who had involved negatively in handling South Sudanese civil war.

  • At Regional and International level, we are condemning the following actors.
  1. We condemn President Obama, the leaders of great and powerful nations America, who should be magnanimous and generous, should not be so cruel and vindictive, passive by watching Juba atrocities, evil behavior and suffering of South Sudanese under the hands of criminal Regime.
  2. We condemn Ugandan Military involvment on South Sudan’s domestic war.
  3. We equally condemn President Obama’s silent on this interference of UPFD on South Sudan’s internal conflicts, the act that is notorious war criminal are welcomed with open arms by White House. Why is America rewarding M7 and Salva Kiir evil motive ? Why are they not branded as enemies of the state? Why are their names and photos not listed on the FBI’s most wanted list? Or is this infamous list meant only for Arabs leaders?
  4. We condemn President Obama on genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Nuer people while taking no toughest action. His silent will give wrong signal to world’s most rogues regimes to butchers their citizens and get away with crimes.
  5. We condemn IGAD or IGAD for playing with live of South Sudanese by delaying peace and failing to tell Salva Kiir’s own mistake of killing innocent people.
  6. We condemn President Obama failure to expel notorious Ugandan troops and failure of Obama administration to held Salva Kiir responsible after he failed to prove his coup claims. Why Mr Obama did not question Salva Kiir’s coup claims which is used to kill and destroy South Sudan through?
  7. We Condemn Ugandan government for playing with life of people of South Sudanese in defend of failed leadership in state of involving as neutral body by taking peaceful stand instand of committed to be Salva kiir’s war allies.
  8. We condemn the recent EAST AFRICAN leader’s meeting, the so called Front line state to South Sudan at Kampala which tried to replace IGAD-plus Compromise Peace Agreement, a mean to delay the dateline set forth by world leaders.
  9. We condemn Israel Military Supplies to Criminal regime in Juba
  10. We condemn Chinese role in South Sudan Civil War in term of military supplies.
  • The Nuer youth have identified the following crimes and atrocities committed so far by Ugandan troops and pro Juba soldiers while no action taken by IGAD and US.
  1. The bored, overfed, sadistic Ugandan and pro Juba soldiers are daily humiliating, beating and often murdering the local people across South Sudan. Women are gangraped, boys castrated and left bleeding to death. Women are forced to deliver their babies in the bush and drown in swamps.
  2. Rogue Juba regime and their allies soldiers are killing unarmed civilians. Their preferred victims include children, women, elderly people and school boys and forcing vicitim to fed on the dead bodies.
  3. Ugandan fighters jets with Ukraine pilots have bombed many placed in greater Upper Nile region.
  4. South Sudanese civilians continue to suffer from lack of treatmement, electricity, water and food supplies across the country while UN food aids supplies are being bolcked by pro Juba soldiers from reaching the target beneficiaries.
  5. So far around thousands youth across the Equatoria and Bhar El-gahazal region have been arrested, detaineed with out due process and senseless mass arrests in Juba.
  6. There is widespread vandalism as Juba soldiers are looting civilians and banks in their door-to-door search for their belonging.
  • Nuer youth resolve to refain from the following;
  1. We will never applaud UPFD and Juba regime destruction on Naath territories and South Sudanese people at large.
  2. We will never label our resistance movements as terrorists in order to fight terrorist war against Juba regime and its supporters.
  3. We will never relinquish our right to opportunist of Juba by surrendering without properly resolving this ongoing civil war.
  4. We will never betray and stop supporting all our people across South Sudan against this cruel regime, including those who choose to die as martyrs.
  5. We will never applaud UPDF fighters jets bombardment on South Sudanese civilians across our cities and villages.
  6. We will never stop protesting biased intervention of Ugandan troops and government on South Sudanese Peace under IGAD mandate and their blind support of Juba brutality.
  7. We will never stop calling for the end and withdrawal of the illegal UPFD occupation of our motherland to protect the failed leadership which is offering nothing then death to its citizens across the country.
  8. We will never stop honoring our martyrs and observing a moment of silence for our fallen warriors, starting with Dec 15 2013 heroes and heroine to those who are perishing in defend of our equality, rights, freedom, dignity and pride.
  9. We will never forget the Nuer Holocaust of 2013, it must be recorded and go to down to the history of our country. We will never watch idly as UPDF and Juba forces are orchestrating atrocities on South Sudan mass.
  10. Will never support, endur and tolerate any division among the ranks and files of Resistant Movement (SPLM/A-IO).
  • We will never support any peace that fail to answer underlying root cause, justice and accountability and maintain Salva Kiir as interim president.
  • We recommend the following points and observation.
  1. We recommend the withdrawal of IO peace team from Addis Ababa under IGAD-plus lead peace since IGAD-plus fail to isolate Ugandan government that is part to ongoing civil war from all the solutions that are mean to end the South Sudan conflicts.
  2. We call on SPLM/SPLA IO to form a committee comprise of Elders, youth leaders, Women, Civil Society and church leaders who would try to rally back those defected General and politicians in order to strengthen our front and pursue democratic reform and our common destiny.
  3. We are calling up on South Sudanese youth irrespective of your tribes to join struggle toward democratic state since Salva Kiir become an obstacle for democratic reform in our Country. His regime is killing our brothers and sisters in cold blood, looting our resources, dividing our people and does not development our nations.
  4. We are calling for unconditional withdrawal of UPDF from South Sudan soils
  5. We call up on UN to relocates Nuer trapped IDPS to safe, secure place where they will have access to educations, freedom of movement and social necessity.
  6. We call up on generals Garhoth and Peter Gatdet to reconsider their decision and re-join their movement that they serve for last 20 months with out conditions.
  7. We call up on IO peace team not to accept anything else then IGAD-plus Compromise Peace Proposal.
  8. We recommend Israel to stop supplying genocidal regime with weapons to kill innocent civilians.
  9. We urge Chinese people to stops arming Salva Kiir’s tribal militias to help guards the oil fields.

Long Live People of South Sudan

Long lives Resistant Movement

Long Live Dr Riek Machar Teny

John Puol Chuol

President of Nuer Youth Union (NUYU)

E-mail Address:

Tel: +249-993-698-967

  1 comment for “Condemnation of Kampala Meeting of so-called front lines state to South Sudan.

  1. GatNor
    August 22, 2015 at 9:31 pm

    To say that all lives matters would be a the biggest lie ever to. The question is whose lives faces grave danger while the rest are left to run around playing demi-gods with other citizens lives. What right do they even have in defense of their own existent when they falsely and wrongfully condemned others citizen to perish. Eye for an eye would be better policy without any delusions.


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