Eastern Jikany Community In Egypt Denounces The Disgruntled Generals and Politcians

By Daniel Keak Makuach | Chairperson


August 16, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — On behalf of Eastern Jikany Community in the Arab Republic of Egypt, we are hereby informing our citizens and international community around the globe on the most recent internal crisis within the ranks and files of the SPLM-IO. We are reading some misinformation from different media outlets that, the two Major Generals defected from the SPLM-IO.

It our responsibility to reach out to the public on what has transpired. The white army and the loyal soldiers to the resistance movement denounce and disowne the two disgruntled generals who claimed to be in full control of their forces. What happened was an internal misunderstanding within the resistance movement that was devilishly capitalized on by the illegitimate government of Salva Kiir. In fact, the defunct government of Kiir was fishing for an exit strategy from the IGAD-PLUS, hint, they clung on the SPLM-IO internal differences as an excuse which is an exoneration scheme.

Succinctly, the lame excuse produced on the disintegration of the rebels by the regime to walk out of the peace venue was just a mere propaganda. This is just a scapegoating scheme to delay and possibly exhaust the effort made through IGAD-PLUS propose compromised agreement. The international community in collaboration with regional leaders should stick to the proposed timetable for the peace deal.

The Eastern Jikany Community is obliged to condemn the move made by the two generals that are now claiming have any support from Jikany community. We will not allow any evil plans to divide us neither creating differences among our communities. In the name of the community, enough is enough, we will not follow any of our son with evil intentions to break us apart.

As Eastern Jikany Community in Egypt, we are 100% behind able and charismatic leader, Dr. Riek Machar Teny, here in Egypt and also on the ground.


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