South Sudan: Dr. Riek Machar Exalts

By: Dak Buoth,

Dr. Riek Machar and Pagan Amun signing the IGAD compromise text in Addis Ababa.

Dr. Riek Machar and Pagan Amun signing the IGAD compromise text in Addis Ababa.

August 21, 2015 (Nyamilepedia)—Let’s give a round of applause once more and in very special way to the Vice President Dr. Riek Machar (PHD), the right Honorable Pagan Amum and all other proponents of peace for finding a gut to append their signatures to the ‘compromised deal’ on the 17th August, 2015. Arguably, this partial agreement has so far elicited some sense of relieves and hopes to our impoverished society back home; likewise to us who have been exiled and pushed to the periphery.

On that D- day, I became a little excited to witness the duo protagonists finally becoming cognizant of the indisputable facts that there is no other way to peace for peace is the way. And for this reason, I hereby raised my thumps-up unreservedly and unashamedly in respect for such an exemplary leadership. For us to be seen as objective analysts who seek to install and restore socio-political hygiene in our budding country, it’s prudent to perfect the art of giving praises where it’s deemed fit; and thus, this gesture shown by Dr. Riek Machar (PHD) has alleviated his stature as a reconcilable politician; and by large, he has showcased his utmost intellect for acting swiftly in adherence to the principle which alludes: a country born without peace won’t become a Nation.

On lighter note, it is however undeniable that this ‘compromised deal’ crafted by the IGAD-PLUS has some loopholes; it is comprehensible that the arbiters who arbitrated our ‘political anarchy’ may not have incorporated or centered all our political interests; that is why you hear all the political cabals accompanied by their sycophants who suck like ‘Elephants calves’ engaging in ‘shouting match’ issuing empty threats that they would reject the compromised deal without giving legitimate reasons; and in fact there can only be illegitimate reasons to reject peace deal. The ‘deal rejecters’ are fidgeting uncontrollably for fear that when peace is restored justice may rain on them ruthlessly.
One old adage says‘ the guilty are always afraid’; it was very disgusting and discouraging to learn that he (President General Salva Kiir), the war’s co-principal has again repeated his treacherous behavior in the glare of global humanity by defying the humble call for peace in the country.

In Naath mythology they say, ‘moopen jinoh, tuk saarejin,, which mean in English ‘‘What prevents you from sleeping is of your own making’’. Fortnight earlier, as show of defiance to reasons, he intentionally added insults to the injuries by dismissing another four elected state Governors at once and later detained some of them without trail. This decision clearly signified that he hasn’t learned tiny lesson from his past actions. Even a standard four pupils would attested lividly that it was such weird and archaic decrees that made our country fall in abyss in 2013.

Rationally, dismissing four state governors is undemocratic and unacceptable; it grossly violates the rights of the electorates who entrusted those governors with their public affairs; and it is also an insult to the intellect of any reasonable person who highly cherishes democratic norms. Inconsistently, he has been peddling all along that he (Salva Kiir) was popularly elected into office via secret ballot and that his actions shouldn’t be question, so what made him believe that other elected leaders should be purge at will? Is he really aware that the days of dictatorship are long gone; the days of one man rule have been outlived?

Since time immemorial, Governments and leaders do come and go, and you would hardly find a perfect rule or ruler; and for the case in Africa, with exception of a few, most leaders are just being tolerated but not celebrated. In any case, citizenry have a task to exercise check and balance in the governance systems; to keep an eye on any prevailing circumstance that matter most to their life. We’re warned not to be complacent, and as such, we should avoid being economical with the truth on this issue, these tales I’m narrating aren’t just mere facts but realities which are not based on myths but rather on practical studies and passionate research.
Our history still fresh in our minds that the Nuer, Dinka, Anyak, Murle and Acholi and all the Nilotic communities which currently inhabited south Sudan were never at any one time governed by king, therefore he who proclaim to be a king through a mean of arms is day dreaming.

Astonishingly, I always wondered how President General Salva Kiir prefers to govern an ungovernable regime; he doesn’t need a rocket scientist to believe that south Sudan is sinking and shrinking through his miscalculation, and as such, he should be the first person to offer an ‘olive branch’ to his arch rivals so as for normalcy to return. I’m giving him this advises pro-bon because he will remain in my mental dairy as my first president of the republic of south Sudan, therefore I want him to set a binding legacy for us the downtrodden; he should recall his past reconciliatory behaviors by listening to the wishes of poor and paupers south Sudanese who cry loudly for peace to return.
The Christian Bible still rights when it says, ‘‘whoever closes his ear to the cry of the poor, will himself call out and not be answered’. The world has agreed to accord him the fifteen days he requested to consult with his status quo handlers, and failure to respond within that stipulated timeframe and in manner desirable, he will be in for ‘rude shock’

Personally, I find the compromised deal better than none. At least it will give us a U-turn; it would rewind us back to our sober minds because we had run out of our minds. Judging it from the look in our faces and the thing we do and say daily, it is crystal clear that we have gone in total disarray to extend that we behave like a rabid dogs; when a rabid dogs are infected or affected; they lose their senses and cannot distinguish themselves from other dogs. They cannot distinguish a friend from a foe. A rabid dog bites anything including her body. This is exactly what is happening to us, we soon forgot that we are one people with one goal, and with one indivisible destiny. It is irrefutable that our successes are connected to one another. Therefore when we persist to move as a divided group, and if we continue to tread on the red path of ethnicity, regionalism, patronage and cronyism as it is presently and predominantly the case, I can assure you my dear countrymen and women that our long journey to prosperity will be a ‘tortoises’ race’ because we will always be dragging and lagging behind.

Appraisingly, the global citizenry of all walks of life have applauded Dr. Riek Machar (PHD) and company wholeheartedly for heeding to the hapless and helpless souls which continue to yearn for the return of peace and stability in their land. he has dutifully responded to the wishes of many displaced persons and those who are still at large; and to the hungry who are languishing in abject poverty for the last two years in internally dispaced camps, and those who have nowhere to run to simply because all their hideouts had been set ablaze by their erstwhile cousins who poses military superiority; and now the River Nile is no longer safe haven, the water lilies are no more.

Dr. Riek Machar (PHD) has raise to the occasion courageously rather than accusation to partake what is expected of him. Perhaps he must have been whispered that all eyes were on you and he did reply the way it should be, he had learn and became aware that from east to the west, south to the north, the nations of the world were gnashing their teeth for the peace to return once and for all. The echoing voices were ringing as follows;

That people of south Sudan deserve to be given back their inherent peace of mind which has been forcefully grabbed from them; that they really wanted to relax their mind and plan for their lives,. That they just wanted to cultivate in their respective agricultural farms to fight and destroy the fang of biting hunger in their locations.

That they demand to be resettled in homes such that they can go and repair their children’s future; that they wanted to rebuild their institutions of learning where teens can study learn to become better custodians of their country’s rosy future. They wanted to practice their rich social culture activities so as to have.

The Writer is South Sudanese living in Exile; he can be reach for comment via

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