Response To Mr. Nhial Koch Ral, In Rejoinder To My Previous Article on Unity State Transitional Governorship

Response to Mr. Nhial Koch Ral, in rejoinder to my previous article titled; Unity State Citizens shall linger united under the leadership of Governor Rt. Hon: Ruach Kuol, dated 11th September 2015 published on Nyamilepedia and Paanluel.

By David Lony Majak Makuei.

SPLA-Bentiu 2015-09-11 at 6.21.16 AM

Sept 27, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — In response to my brother Nhial Koch Ral, first and foremost; I would like to take this exact opportunity to once again Congratulates H.E Hon: Ruach Kuol Jal, the military caretaker governor of Unity State, Joseph Nhial Ruach Deputy governor, state cabinets and the entire government of unity state for their tireless contributions during the difficult time they went through.

Our brave son, Brig Gen: Simon Maguek Gai Majak, former speaker of Unity State Assembly and also the appointed commander of the SPLA-IO 4th Division, and not forgetting our suffering civil populations of the state who suffered without a price to paid for but they were dying in the defend of their own territories.

Cde Nhial, before I react in response to your unproven claims; let me underline a few things to make a note of, after a couple of hours of climbing the top of mountain, I finally found the goat trail. My legs were beyond sore now, and It was hard-hitting to catch my breath because I was tried thinking of how I should quickly retort to someone’s mouthpiece in politics.

Hon: Ruach does not deserve any other reward apart from the current period of transitional government of national unity. He fought without fear and favor which he should be reward for like any other person who might have contributed whole-heartedly. Again state leadership also need rotation from certain communities to others, whether by an appointment or through democratic elections to avoid what the nation went through during Salva Kiir’s regime.

The top leadership of the movement must categorically consider the fact that we were fighting juba regime in different capacities, just to transform the country to a democratic state and reform to all the institutional sectors. You personally learned that South Sudan was initially governed under a typical dictatorship which caused the current ongoing change in the country, President Salva Kiir and his former governors had mismanaged public resources for their own benefits from 2005-2013.

I’m also told that you were once office manager of the former governor Gen: Taban Deng Gai, in the midst of this I will not blame you in view of the fact that you are in my opinion fighting for one man’s stomach (who shall reward you if you cannot support Gen: Taban). You are not erroneous at all because you may politically be deem as no prospect young man who does not care about his own community and their enduring anguish.

Even in the Bible it is very obvious that; traditional believers and those who have small GODs and extra man powers, they are always hard to be change to a brighter light in Christ. Cde Nhial. I must therefore judge you, as single believer believing in his former Boss and you are right because this is what I called political self-attachment in politics for one to gain wealth.

In accord to Unity State politics; folks who are still appreciating Taban of his past leadership in Bentiu cannot certainly be differentiated from the same Kiir who mislead Taban and ended-up by killing his own people. We after in 2013 politics recognized Taban for the reason that he decisively stood with Nuer when Kiir turned against any living Nuer in South Sudan but was seen as insignificant fraction of his juba as politician.

Mistaken belief in regards to money he paid to the movement; all he contributed in term of monetary and politically are paramount to his safety and security. If he would have not joined the movement, then he was going to be kill by Dinka in particular Mathiang Anyoor and who cares.

Should it be a trepidation matter for you; is it a big deal that he has impulsively contributed in the movement, was he not the same Taban who killed Unity State citizens and was doing all things not in favor of Dr, Riak Machar?. I hope you have not yet forget this, the same Taban in 2010 general elections he went so far threatening and intimidating Dr. Machar to leave state in a given hours thus, unity state citizens and other local politicians who were not siding with him in politics suffered a lots. Did you forgo these awful achievements of your former Boss?.

You may need not to be focus blunder due to what you are predetermined for in your politics of state, but never disregard that Change and truth are always bitter and sweet to those opposed to people’s views in any society. Change is ubiquitous in any society, particularly in that which strives to fulfill human needs and in relation to service deliver to the needed populations.

Why is it vinegary today, for Hon: Ruach Kuol to linger until 2018 minimally because he was officially allotted by the chairman of the movement?. Where were those who wanted to take over after a hardly sweat, they did not campaigned at the time when they were asked to declare their candidature in 2014 but unfortunately there was no high competition for the governorship knowing that there is death versus life. We both learned that Ruach has managed to mobilize and control the local populations and the volunteered youth who tirelessly fought Dinka/Juba regime in defense of their localities.

Nhial, you also misquoted me in most of your paragraphs; that I gave speech which was not speech but I wrote an article, you also said am causing disunity among citizens of unity state am I more than your former Boss, you also figured it out that am not clear whether a typical supporter of the movement in particular SPLM-IO or not and that I wrote the opinion on behalf of Leek Community. With the due compliments at my personal stage of dignity, all you mentioned are null and void but groundless allegations because what I had presented was solely personal opinion and cannot be alternator regardless of the dirty politics of black-Africans.

To protect my own image base on the media ethics, I did not write the article which you had responded to in September 2014. I wrote it on the 11th September 2015 and if not so, it means you had blindly responded to wrong person’s opinion.

Believe me or not; when a child begin crying loudly he must be sick or in need of breast feeding and extra milks but when Dogs began barking, then something perilous must be around the corner. In politics we cannot always exercise our physical powers to defend Ex-politicians; we should instead recall their political achievements and future legacies which they built in their tenure of office if at all.

There was no clan or section mentioned in my article; for you having touched the issue of Leek community, it shows that you were politically dragged into what you are not well-versed for in modern politics and that of Unity State. We must not run the state affairs based on clans and sectional division, ever since citizens of Unity State are still one by the virtue of region and their clans, sub-clans, sections and subsections.

My brother Mr. Nhial, what you need to improve now is to get our communities united under one common goal and not what you fell regrettable for in your past leadership of state. According to many views gathered on the streets else-where in the world about Gen: Taban Deng, majority of the same communities of Bentiu are strongly recommending him for a ministerial position in Juba but not at the state level due to recallable internal challenges left unsolved.

I also quoted you on the point which sound like a defensive thought to you; I clearly put it that, Assuming the political plans of Unity States’ politicians is overriding that, the chief negotiator Gen: Taban Deng has a plan to recommend some politicians who are qualified to be state governors or at ministerial posts in the state level, what could be the reaction from Unity State citizens. For instance; he may unquestionably recommend his three (3) right hand men, Thomas Jal Kume Khan former minister of finance & Economic planning, Eng: Diew Charow former state minister of Physical Infrastructure and Urban Development and Colone Michael Chiangjiek Geay former Security Affairs.

I know Taban is working harder to make one of his former ministers to replace Hon: Ruach Kuol, the current legitimately appointed governor of Unity State before the end of Transitional Government of National Unity of the Republic of South Sudan. Gen: Gatnyakek maybe silently conducting public rallies in a closed and dark places lobbying for their appointment once peace deal is fully implemented in three month’s time as stated in peace agreement. This has given me much look forward to that all I predicted regarding unity state’s leadership are coming to light at this time.

Am at a standstill do not appreciate and not even interesting to talk about the past dead regime in which you were the office manager. Your former Boss; He has divided our communities by playing negative and poor politics in Bentiu, You and him were not known to be purer Nuer today until we were all targeted by DINKA (who killed all Nuer whether former loyalist to Salva Kiir or not must be kill), then we were all on ran.

Could you be of dependences in politics; then you may fall under the same group of politicians who wanted monetary compensation for slaves when they lost popularity. I will not now; gossip about negative and positive scandals of the former governor Gen: Taban because I believed you are in person protecting your bread in suspense for more corruption to happen again.

Citizens of Unity State have taken note of all the intolerant messes caused by the former regime which ruled people under what is known as instrumental leadership. Mighty you that Unity State politics have nothing to do with movement and the top leadership of SPLM-IO and all other political stakeholders in the system. This is internal politics of unity state and not presidency where one could be against Dr. Machar.

By no means forget in South Sudan the then; there was no political kingdom in South Sudan leave alone Unity State where all NAATH communities originated from. There has not been Nuer kingdom in history of our ancestors and even during the colonial rules in Sudan. They did not succeeded in colonizing Nuer territories; I do not sense it at all whether it will happens in the same society.

I cannot now expose pessimistic part of Gen: Taban since you are just a messenger on behalf. How excellent is someone who betrayed his own people trying to protected position of governorship in the name of Nuer, where he was planning to transfer oil refinery station to warrap state in order to satisfied Salva Kiir and again a leader who sold out university seats to warrap state as part of political Barber?.

For your information; I’m not devotee of Brig. Ruach Kuol but an independent contributor in different capacities. If you inhale air using someone’s nose then it is upon you, I must tell truth in any case regardless of our origin and political affiliations in Unity State.

The author can be reached at, he is uncontaminated citizen of Unity State living in foreign country like Mr. Nhial Koch Ral, the immediate press mouthpiece of former governor of unity state-Bentiu

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