Saturday and Sunday December, 14th, 15th 2013 I Will Never Forget In The History of South Sudan

By Ter Manyang Gatwech, Uganda

South Sudan's President Salva Kiir (R) addresses a news conference at the Presidential Palace in capital Juba December 16, 2013.

South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir (R) addresses a news conference at the Presidential Palace in capital Juba December 16, 2013.

17th October,2015(Nyamilepedia) —  The Saturday  December,14th 2013 is the day when Gen: Salva Kiir President Mayardit addressed  the  Sudan  People ‘s Liberation  Movement (SPLM) or  National Libration Councils  in Juba, South Sudan. It was horrible day in the history of South Sudan and I never forget in my life, forever and ever. President Savla Kiir, a man who does not have communication skills at all. It began on the evening of 15 December 2013, at the meeting of the National Liberation Council meeting at Nyakuron, when opposition leaders Dr. Riek Machar Teny,Pagan Amum and Rebecca Nyandeng voted to boycott the Sunday December 15, 2013 meeting of the National Liberation Council (NLC). President Salva Kiir ordered the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) Major General Marial Ciennoung, commander of the Presidential Guard (The Tiger Battalion) to leave the meeting venue and return to the barracks to disarm the troops. After disarming all ethnicities within the guard, Marial allegedly ordered that the Dinka members be re-armed. His deputy, from the Nuer ethnicity, began to question this order and a fight ensued when surrounding officers saw the commotion. The Nuer soldiers also re-armed themselves.  Fighting erupted between the Dinka elements of the Presidential Guard and the Nuer elements, lasting from Sunday night until Monday afternoon. Civilian casualties began when Dinka elements of the SPLM began targeting Nuer civilians in the capital city of Juba, South Sudan.

In any organization, there is three important structure words this include charismatic authority; this is type of authority which across or the best social structure of authority of society.  Charismatic authority is power legitimized by a leader’s excepted personal qualities, which inspire loyalty and obedience from the followers, second traditional authority; this is type of authority which across or best the social structure of authority of the society. On the other hand, the traditional authority (also known us as traditional domination) is a form of leadership in which the authority of an organization or a ruling regime is largely tied to traditional or customs. The main reason for the given state of affairs is that it “has always been that way” and the rational legal authority, also known us rational authority, legal authority, rational domination, legal domination, or bureaucratic authority is a form of leadership in which the authority of an organization. According to Max Weber charismatic authority is mostly, exercise through personal characterized the social in which the traditional authority exercises through position one hold in an organization. This is what Gen: Kiir did to the SPLM as a party and therefore, President Kiir should use SPLM as his own property.

I quote, “President Salva Kiir  Mayardit,  the freedom that we enjoy today in South Sudan  came through difficulties during the SPLA struggled between Khartoum Regime and therefore, my leadership will not allowed 1991 to happened again in South Sudan”  President Salva Kiir continued some of my friends claims to be storical  but, no body be the storical  “  The SPLM  should not be  monopoly by few  and therefore, some of my friends challenged  me no one will challenged me again in the history of South Sudan. Some pools   sung a song in “Dinka Language” in the National Liberation Councils and even President Salva Kiir sung a song in his Dinka Language during SPLM National Conference in Juba, South Sudan on Saturday, December 14 2013.  It is SPLM for Dinka tribe in South Sudan or is for South Sudanese people?   Why President Salva Kiir Mayardit  behave like” villager” seventy Five per cent of Mr. President Salva Kiir’s speech contribution to South Sudan’s   crisis in 2013 up to date. President Salva Kiir’s 75% his voters are Nuer people during the 2010 general elections but, President Salva Kiir kiiled his own citizens without proper reason. It is because they are Nuer people. On the other hand, because the Dr.Riek Machar Teny is come from Nuer society?  President Salva Kiir, deserved to be taken to International Criminal Court (ICC) to answer the killing of Nuer people in 2013. I believe if the President Salva Kiir Mayardit can apologies to Nuer people today in South Sudan, this war can stop immediately.  In 2014 I, quote President Salva Kiir Mayardit  “no media house to talks about federalism in South Sudan” why he change his mind because of tribal influence from Diank councils of Elders in J1 or because of political actors around him in Juba, South Sudan or because of “Nuer Wew” in Juba.

If, I were President Salva Kiir Mayardit, I can resign from president in order to allow the rest to continue with leadership in South Sudan. The leaders are gifts from Almighty God but Savla Kiir Mayardit is not gift to South Sudanese people due to his poor leadership in the history of South Sudan.  The question is; which message did he bring from South Africa during President Nelson Mandela’s day.  The two Doctors had quarried last time in 1991 because of two reasons, one Dr. Riek Machar Teny wanted for  self-determination while Dr. John Granag wanted the whole Sudan to remained untied. Dr. Riek Machar Teny, does not have intention to killed his own citizens who are Bor citizens and even Dr. John Garang killed his own citizens especially Gawaar-Nuer and Lou Nuer in “cold blood smart killings” together with Kuol Manyang. As a people must forget and forgive those who wrong us. Is it Dr. John Garang will us answer we the Gawaar-Nuer and Lou Nuer. Alternatively, is it the whole Dinak society or the Dinka Bor or the President Salva Kiir Mayardit him? I think most Dinka society should not used 1991 as an exceed for them in order to rid of political affairs of the country.  Some people will ask why Hon: Ter Manyang is  focus on Dinka and President Salva Kiir Mayardit. I know there is a big reason that is why I should focus on Dinak and President Kiir.

“One of the most deadly causes of destruction of divine destinies is when a leader is failing, but he or she does not know it. Ignorance about your role is a death plot against people’s successes.” The problem of South Sudanese people is President Salva Kiir Mayardit and therefore, I lost trust in President Salva Kiir in 2011, when Kiir promote tribalism, protectionisms, corruption and bad governance in South Sudan.  President Salva Kiir, a man who cannot rule South Sudan and therefore, taking leadership due to icon, Dr. John Garang’s death on 30 July 2005. “Say “no” to corruption; it does not fit you! Say “no” to bad leadership; you don’t fit there. Say “no” to immorality; it will only fake you! Be bold to say “no” if that is what will take your breakfast away; you will get a sweeter lunch pack for compensation sooner.” “If I am to choose between “sleeping” and “being part of a leadership that pursues irrelevant agenda”, I will choose “sleeping”. Chasing of irrelevant agenda by a leadership sect is what made Nelson Mandela to call it “Long Walk to Freedom!”

The Truth Must Be Told……………………………………..

The author is an administrator and chairman of Gawaar Nuer-Community in Uganda. He worked with South Sudanese Students’ Union in 2011-2012 as a chairman of anti-corruption commission. He become chairman of electoral commission of Naath Universities and Colleges Students’ Union in Uganda from 2014-2015 and he formed an organization called Youth Action Development Network in Uganda, he is executive director of YADN. Ter Manyang Gatwech is pursuing his Masters of Public Administration and Management at Cavendish University Uganda and reached me via- or twitter, @Ter-Manyang.  By 2020, Mr. Ter is plans to enroll in PhD in Public Administration and Leadership

  3 comments for “Saturday and Sunday December, 14th, 15th 2013 I Will Never Forget In The History of South Sudan

  1. October 21, 2015 at 1:06 pm

    Ter manyang by being aclient in this procceedures of discrimination is better rather to be in cattle camps.


  2. October 22, 2015 at 9:21 am

    The incompetent, tribal warlord, power-hungry-greedy, traitorous, killer Kiir, his co-Dinka warlords-Generals, Kuol Manyang, Malong Awan, and JCE(the Dinka council of national resources looters-Ambrose Riiny), and kinsmen, will and shall never be forgiven by the Naath nation, unless they apologize and beg for mercy period


  3. November 3, 2015 at 1:03 pm

    Thanks for your comments brothers


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