Why We Need a National Reconciliation and Healing Before General Elections in South Sudan 2018

By Ter Manyang Gatwech, Uganda

Ter Manyang Gatwech...

Ter Manyang Gatwech…

22th Oct, 2015(Nyamilepedia) -– The ‘Reconciliation ‘means ‘coming’ together. Reconciliation attempts to restore relationships in a country, like South Sudan through a collective search for truth, justice and forgiveness in the nation, this may include the truth-seeking, elements local communities dialogue in South Sudan for South Sudanese  people especially the Nuer community and Dinka Community and the activities to support victims catharsis.  The South Sudan National Truth Reconciliation Commission (SSTRC). The reconciliation should involve building positions, respectful relationships between South Sudanese tribes especially the Nuer people and Dinak people.  The National Reconciliation is enabling us to work together to close the gaps and to adopt a shared sense of fairness and justice. The ultimate goal of reconciliation is to build strong and trusting relationships between South Sudanese people, mainly Nuer society and Dinka society from your girlfriend, boyfriend, and your family, your county, Boma level, Payam, level, state level and central government that is the national government.

South Sudan National Truth Reconciliation Commission should start from our 84 counties in the country, so that we come up with clear information in our country, South Sudan. In compromise Peace Agreement chapter 5  and there shall be Commission for Truth Reconciliation(page 402.1) and the rights of all victims and witness should be respected during the implementation of peace agreement in South Sudan. For example, the reconciliation can start from our friends and public events in churches, high schools and higher learning institutions both in interior and in exterior, especially South Sudanese people, who are intellectuals. Posting something on your face book account or Twitter about South Sudan National Reconciliation in our country as a new generation, new ideas in order our beloved country, South Sudan will be on move like the rest of world counties.  Importantly, find the time to talk with your family and your friends about the national reconciliation, why it important for all South Sudanese?  Recognition means different things to different people and everyone like it when they get it. The process of recognition is part of creating reconciliation between South Sudanese people, which will leads to respect and help develop between relationships and our partnerships in South Sudan.  It led me to some questions to be answer by readers of this article,

  1. What is recognition? What does it mean to you as a person? 2. Why do you like getting recognition? how do you feel when you are not recognized by your friends, or in function, or meetings? Like recently, Greater Bor Community invited me for their leadership swear in ceremony, I was recognized and called by name Hon: Ter Manyang Gatwech is with us in the house and same time the chairperson of Gawaar-Nuer Community in Uganda (Ayod Community). I was recognized by Mr. Deng Pan Chol , who was the chairman of electoral committee for Greater Bor community in Uganda.  3 How do you think recognition related to national reconciliation in South Sudan?

In South Africa, the Truth Reconciliation and Commission set up commission that deal with the victims during the apartheid in South Africa. It was a court –like restore justice body assembled in South Africa after the abolition of apartheid. Witnesses who were identified as victims of gross human rights violation were invited to give statement and about their experiences and some were sleeted for public hearing.  The South Sudanese people should adopt the case study of South Africa. South Sudanese people without tribalism, nepotism and protectionism should identify the victims and perpetrators in order we can build trust and the true national reconciliation among South Sudanese people in South Sudan, so that our people can come together again.

Who qualifies for assistance during the compensations and reparations in South Sudan?

A person declared as a victim by South Sudan National Truth Reconciliation and Commission (SSNTRC); their dependent or relatives. As a dependant include any person to whom the SSNTRC, identified as victim to get compensations and get rehabilitation in South Sudan.  The commission cam proposed that each victim or family approximately & 4000 USD per Month for three years in South Sudan until the end of Transitional Government of National Unity.

The commission should be divided in five parts;

  1. The Human Rights Violations Committee
  2. The Compensations, Reparation and Rehabilitation Committee
  3. Accountability ,Truth-seeking and memorialization Committee
  4. Institute for Justice and Reconciliation
  5. Amnesty Committee

I,Ter Manyang Gatwech,  as an administrator the political system should be change this include; faith communities in South Sudan,businesses,three organs of government executive, legislative and judiciary , prisons, the army forces, health sector, media and educational institutions in reconciliation process in South Sudan.

The South Sudan Truth National Reconciliation and Commission, should comprised of seventeen commissioners mine men and eight women both South Sudanese and International people.  The Commission can   get support from International Community and the Transitional Government of National Unity for more funding.  The chairperson of South Sudan Truth National Reconciliation and Commission should employed 300 based on their specialization like somebody who have Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in Public Administration and Management, Lawyers, Sociologist, psychologist  etc.

The  Truth Must Be Told………………………………………..

The author is an administrator and chairman of Gawaar Nuer-Community in Uganda. He worked with South Sudanese Students’ Union in 2011-2012 as a chairman of anti-corruption commission. He become chairman of electoral commission of Naath Universities and Colleges Students’ Union in Uganda from 2014-2015 and he formed an organization called Youth Action Development Network in Uganda, he is executive director of YADN. Ter Manyang Gatwech is pursuing his Masters of Public Administration and Management at Cavendish University Uganda and reached me via- termanyang24@gamil.com or twitter, @Ter-Manyang.  By 2020, Mr. Ter is plans to enroll in PhD in Public Administration and Leadership.

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