Who Are to blame on South Sudan Conflict?

By Lam Wuor,


President Salva Kiir calls for an earlier election in the country(Photo: file)

President Salva Kiir calls for an earlier election in the country(Photo: file)

March 11, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — The conflict in south Sudan is really complicated; many people were killed and tortured. South Sudan had a very long history containing conflicts and war. In 1899 when whole country was under a rule of the British and Egyptian. Both countries ruled Sudan for 56 years until the year 1956, when Sudan gained Independence. The British essentially separated north and south Sudan. North Sudan was establishment to develop. Roads, hospitals, schools, houses and all a country needs to advance were given to the North. Now, the same political style is happening in South Sudan where some parties of the country   continued to live in good life and development is still going on while great Upper Nile which is dominated by the Nuer remain empty people forced into exile in neighbors countries.

Weakness of IGAD

The IGAD is ineffective and desired to impose into power by force to rule the same victims and also IGAD are bribed manipulate and tricky policy but this will not happen as long as President Kiir still in power. IGAD should find reestablished and agreeable resolution if their target is to resolve the clash in South Sudan.President Yoweri who is also the commander in chief of UPDF fighting alongside with Slav kiir and also the influential figures in IGAD cannot act for solution rather than Salva kiir is favor. As I transcribe, the international community is very reluctant on south Sudan crisis, while the IGAD hosting peace in Ethiopia capital, Addis Ababa failed to end the conflict.

IGAD should not forget that there is no short exit to ending the encounter problem in South Sudan before tackling the root causes of problems .In contrast, seems like no more than a brutal chapter of human self-destruction in South Sudan, This conflict of south Sudan requiring a genuine international community involvement such as EU and others neutral countries that must reveal the truth.

Truly speaking, Salva Kiir and others African leaders must not forget that the Nuer are not people that could be rule by force this will not happen .Starting point, Kiir has refused to reform SPLM into Democratic Party, the dictatorship was emerge, tendency and use of by dissolving the NLC and also sacking party secretary general without political bureau.

Thirdly, ordering army forces (Tiger Battalions) to murdered one ethnic group the Nuer, tortured people, women and kids throwing all the dead bodies in the wells and also burned them in the houses using the mercenaries such as UPDF, JEM and SPLAN. The country is divided by ethnicity that was the time for the government of south Sudan to persuade the Nuer tribe to become enemies with juba regime, at last the peace talk failed and I believe the conflict in south Sudan continued and also the human devastation began in juba.

Why? American foreign policy toward South Sudan is dangerous, For instance, John Kerry is too bias, double and standard in supporting   President Kiir is an elected President who cannot be removed from office before his term is over when he ( kiir) killed 20,000 people why Ukraine president and Iraqi prime minister ? The Obama administration has blamed al-Maliki and his Shiite-dominated regime for generating much of the sectional contention that has absorbed his country, as smaller Sunnis have manipulated and isolated

This tells the world that US foreigner policy bases on oil interest toward their advantages. In reality, yet US government does not care about humanitarian crisis which is looming in south Sudanese. Ukraine’s President Viktor Yanukovych has accepted the resignation of the prime minister and his cabinet within ongoing anti-government protests that caused life of 200 people only, “President Viktor Yanukovych has stated that I offered an amnesty to protesters, but only if they clear barricades and stopped attacking government buildings”

How to achieve lasting peace in south Sudan

  • Civil society must discuss the root causes of the conflict
  • Reform all organs of south Sudan government.
  • Reconciliation among people of south Sudan
  • Implementation of federalism, I think Federal government is good because that’s what happened in country history is bad but federal system should keep the nation united and under control. Federalism gives everyone certain advantages of combinations of national and regional interests. It watches checks and balances between the federal government on one hand and many other regional governments on the other. Another good thing about Federalism is that each state can be independent since each state can take into account their diversity in making decisions about how they provide services. For example, distribution of resources where state can retain 40% of their revenue of natural resources
  • Compensation for those who lost their properties

However, south Sudan is rich of natural resources yet the nation’s oil resources does not benefiting the vast majority of South Sudanese remain dependent on existence agriculture for their income. Right now, people of three regions Unable to plant or to harvest, exiled people in remote areas are seeing their offspring weaken. At the very similar time, though, international community are assisting refugees for food still the suffering will not go away, for example, children are out of school, no basic healthcare available in refugees camps . Right now, the food crisis taking place in the country that is more likely to causes a famine, possibly, hundreds of thousands of human lives and untold human suffering especially in three regions, such as Jonglei, Upper Nile and Unity State. The displaced persons were estimated to 1.6 million in South Sudanese by the party-political and ethnic hellhole that has wavering the world’s newest country apart in December last year, this is culpatory evident that kiir had killed a dozen of people from one ethnic community. The Nuer tribe struggling to stay alive and the main reason that lead into conflict and war was an attempt to reform SPLM party into Democratic that was called by different tribes in south Sudan. . As I transcribe, the international community is very reluctant on south Sudan crisis.

The author is the concern citizen of south Sudan. He can be reached @ lamjok7@gmail.com

  15 comments for “Who Are to blame on South Sudan Conflict?

  1. March 11, 2015 at 7:15 pm

    A lot have been said about IGAD and how Salva Kiir’s targeted Nuer just like the Jews in Hitler’s National Socialist regime but all fall into deaf ears. What else do Nuer want to do as victims of tribal and regional hates? One tribe too many enemies. The author of the above article proposed solutions to resolve politically induced hatred will fall in the deaf ears in the same manner. Once any disagreement reaches the level of arm confrontation, it has to be resolved after all parties to the conflict are exhausted. With some regional countries invested their interests in the South Sudanese conflict, it will be difficult to reach solution via peaceful means. Let Nuer take example of Jews in the state of Israel to deal with to many regional enemies! In that way, peaceful solutions will be sought after everything is manly solved in the same ways the whole issues were orchestrated in the first place. Without Salva Kiir and his tribal elders, peace and reconciliation will emerge eventually.,


  2. March 11, 2015 at 9:03 pm

    What Reforms are you talking Mr. Lam Wuor?

    There is no short cut to come to power, you have to be brought up by the people and serve honesty to the people. The reforms which most of you are singing about for year can not be done by going to SSTV and make announcement just randomly that, you want to become the next leader and the chairman of the SPLA/SPLM. Those powers struggles like former vice president Dr. Riek Machar Teny, former Secretary general Mr. Pagan Amum, Rebecca Nydeng Garang and former deputy chief of staff Dr. Majak Agoot. These people were all fighting each other to get the Top leadership and the president had been ignored them in many times but after when his former vice president went to make announcement on SSTV saying, he will be the next leader and chairman of the SPLA/SPLM which made surprised to the world apparent president took it seriously and dismissed him from VP and he was told to have prepared to contest with him or another person unfortunately, he did not listen and went on to calls on Nuers generals in all Tent States telling them to get ready any time while, his notion was Nuers in SPLA were about 60% which mean he was thinking coup will work and now he is denying there was no coup what amazing man? .

    Usually, when a person who is serving in the same Party at the same government and he/she wanted to contested with his Boss then, he must first step down and have had prepared his platform very well for what he or she belief to do in the nation and from there I guess he would have all rights to make his announcement Publicly that, he is interesting to stand against his current president, because of this and that. The reason why he was been dismissed from VP was simple, he had been found misconduct while, he is serving nation. Also the former vice president was fully aware that if he waited for general election then, he will failed to get elected president because he had too many bagging from Nasir movement and this is why he thought about coup as a short cut to gained power but he failed to understand that, Southern Sudanese people are tired about his political problems. Typically, the reforms should not and will not be done by only one leader while, there were States Representatives, there were Cabinets, there were Ministers and there were Judges.You can see the way he is creating 11 New States plus currently 10 States in the bushes without those mentions in South Sudan’s government concern if this is the democracy system you guys wanted to bring then, you have the rights to surrender back to South Sudan’s government because the former vice president is lacking Ideas. Please keep singing about reforms by former vice president who turned rebel leader but in reality such a reforms will need to go through legal step and will not be done by one leader.


  3. Ghol chot
    March 11, 2015 at 10:19 pm

    “The Upper Nile which is dominated by Nuers”

    The Nuers stupidity and foolishness is going to wipe them out in South Sudan. The Nuers have been treated with kids gloves for a very long time and they have accustomed themselves that the world rotates that way. The only state where the Nuer are majority in the greater Upper Nile is Unity state, but the Upper Nile and Jonglei states, the Nuers are not the Majority.

    The Nuers often say things that are often not back up by any little shard of truth. The Dinkas right from the Greater Bhar el Gazzelles,to Abyiei and even the Nuers’ dominated Unity state to Upper Nile, the Dinkas are the ones that border the north Sudan.

    The Nuers even lie that they own even the Gambella region in ethiopia, which is absolutely rubbish. The Anuaks own the Gambella region.

    Back to South Sudan, the Nuers often lie that they own the majority of fields in the Upper Nile and Unity states, which also absolutely a pure lie. In even in the Nuer dominated state of Unity, most of oil fields and most productive oil wells are in the Dinka lands, only three oil wells are in the Nuers lands. In the Upper Nile though, not even a single oil well is in the Nuers lands. In Jonglei state, even the untap oil wells are still all situated in the Dinka lands.

    So Nuers, get an education don’t often say things and often try to say things you don’t own when they are not yours.

    As for your claimed that the Nuers are being neglected in development in South Sudan, shame on you chap. Even the Dinka lands where most of the oil wealth is generated in South Sudan are just as poor as other South Sudanese areas.

    The current minister of oil and resources is a Nuer, the speaker of the government of South Sudan is a Nuer, the foreign affairs minister is a Nuers, the health minister is a Nuer. What do Nuers want? Nuers be very very careful, your usual bullshit is not being entertained these days. Take care fellows.


  4. GatNor
    March 11, 2015 at 11:03 pm

    Ghol chot & Mawien Magol, imposing your ethnic regime of Jaang who have committed massacres in the thousands can never be justify by rants and baseless claims. Kiir must simply go and I suggest you both get used to hearing that truth.


    • Mayen Kur Mayen.
      March 11, 2015 at 11:44 pm

      Foolish GatNor,

      I am tired of your usual word ” KIIR MUST GO” Kiir must go will never solve your problem and will never bring Riek in as Kiir substitute, Kiir will never go out for stupid Killer Riek to come in, Kiir will only go out in election, voted out by South Sudanese and not by disgruntle power hungry man called Riek, may be Taban Deng Gai is better than Riek.

      You are basing you argument on tribal line simply because you are Nuer and Riek is Nuer, how many educated Nuers with clean record in South Sudan are there to Rule rather than dying for Riek who has bad record in South Sudan history.

      Riek will only rule may be by force which will never happen. Government has enough forces with advance military equipments to crush this rebelion, they already acquired Ampibian Tanks capable of crosing the nile and moving in water, see what happened when 10 Tanks crossed Nile to liberate Pom Alzeraf in Fangak, see what happened when 21 Tanks crossed the nile to liberate Wadakona, please think twice, you are finishing your able youths for Riek Gains.


      • GatNor
        March 12, 2015 at 1:17 pm

        blah, blah, blah. cowards Jaang & their supporters have clearly demonstrated to the world that they are in fact a tribe run by phsychopaths like the leadership of their ethnic regime in Juba, Guelweng tribal militias, and the war monger, primative and barbaric Jaang elders. If you have all that you claims you have to bring about the defeat as you claimed. WTF are you waiting for? You ability to defeat anything on this planet leave alone Nuer is measured by you slaughtering unarmed, women, children, the disabled and senior citizens. Pathetic as you sound it makes no differences to me if your a Jaang in a government or in a Jang tribal uniform your action against Nuer is the same..extremism. So really I care less what your bias perception towards me because its not new to me and for those Nuer on either side of the conflict. Juba massacres commited by Jaang in government army uniforms in and of itself by definition was a hate crime, crimes against humanity, ethnic cleansing, and an unprovoked and imposed war on Nuer as a tribe. Do you really believe I would personally care what you think, you coward fuck?


  5. Manut Atem
    March 11, 2015 at 11:49 pm

    I thinks the con supt of 1983 was still in some Nuersim their mind when Abdallah chuol , Gai tut and Akuot Atem turn up after revolution immediately and fought the SPLA and their ways to Ethiopia , we were post by Arab malitia called masseria and the regime in Khartoum when they come with their hors, camel and Donkeys targeting Northern Al -baralgazel , burning house cattle raid and kidnapping Children, we were post to go for revolution and fight Arab , our intension was not Nuer, but they kill many of us on the ways to Ethiopia, we were killed ongoing to Ethiopia and on our ways back. we had lost thousand of soldier on that useless war. and aim was leadership. but they forgotten that we had long way to go, always Nuer fight on a useless war. SPLA manage to swept away the malitia of those i mention above.

    In 1992 two when SPLA was become strong enough almost to defeat a battle with Arab **** Riak Machar rebel again his own Arm and Join regime in Khartoum , I can said Raik is not a good leader for southerners. please forget about him.

    As we our wishes was democratic state, you Nuer thinks about someone else you truth to a leader for South Sudan.

    You all know you bought for separation and again you had bought for president Slava Kiir, Nuer !!! Raik could have waiting for the time of election not by wanted president seat by power. an other lies are this please leave lairs and talk to the truth that world and southerners can believes. As am talk we are staying together with Nuer In Juba, In Wau, In Aweil, in everywhere and in even battle field they are fighting rebel.

    I can^t mention their names , but we are still together, Raik Machar want Southerner to live in vain for all their live. so who can be blame start to be blame**** Raik Machar from now for those who do not know what happened in past and now. may God bless you people of southern


  6. March 12, 2015 at 1:57 am

    People of South Sudan, the sources of conflict
    Is very, very well known by every citizens in and out South Sudan.. Is what called: Kuor, Benyeng. Sieyatto. and has name in every languages in the world.
    You like I like. People go people come..but South Sudan will never, never go.


    • augustine
      March 12, 2015 at 5:41 am

      So unfortunate that we have been dragged into a war some of us never desired.we must look at the economic value and spiritual support in individual south sudanese and not the tribe.what expedite the rampant killings of other innocent south sudanese in strongholds of rebel was the cause of all this trouble.


  7. ater
    March 12, 2015 at 6:40 am

    “A lizard from the village can never become a crocodile in the city”.Riek is naturally a lizard and imposing him, on people to lead this Nation is a curse.Mark my words. Come home and leave Riek in Addis Ababa where he sought asylum,leaving you to fight his unjustifiable war,you are used and trashed.Do you hear the voice of reason?


  8. March 12, 2015 at 11:02 am

    “El kellib yambah wa el Jamel maashi”! = while the dogs are wasting their time barking, the Camel is steadily progressing to their goal # 1.

    All of you barking above be reminded that SPLM-IO plan-A for winning the war against the militarized public looters, is progressing very very very well!


    when the economy is limping, it is a good sign that it is nearing to collapse, as planned by the Great Thinkers of SPLM-IO.

    The magnitude of your barking tell us only one thing – The SPLM-IO imposed economic sanctions on SPLM-Juba are working fine. Yessss, they are working!!!

    Even with few survivors we will suffocate and shell the oil-flow further and we will see what you “wewe-looters” will opt to do.

    The count-down for Killer Kir’s Kingdom days has just began tick-toking today!


    splm-io Oyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

    Sweeping Reforms Oyeeee!!!

    The War against the “Liberators-turned-Opressors” is already won in advanced.

    WAR & PEACE – choose One!


    • Ghol chot
      March 12, 2015 at 10:43 pm

      This just shows how naive the Nuer nation is. I will bet on this my Nuer cousins. If your Riek Machar will be allowed to South Sudan, let alone sharing a power with government of South Sudan, then l would be damn.


  9. ater
    March 12, 2015 at 10:37 pm

    Balang Tutute
    “Adog barks as a camel moves on” that is the correct grammatical interpretation,not as you put it incorrectly,poor grammar from an English novice. Mentally retarded pupil not a student,poor sole,how do you lead when you absurdly express yourself.Moron


    • March 13, 2015 at 2:58 am



      N. Sudan refused to adjust and reduce the Paloich Oil transport fees!

      Good job Omer El Beshir!

      The looters are now trapped by their own greed and gross sin of public money looting.


      Even with few survivors we will suffocate and shell the oil-flow further and we will see what you “public-looters” will opt to do.

      The count-down for Killer Kir’s Kingdom days has just began tick-toking today!


      splm-io Oyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

      Sweeping Reforms Oyeeee!!!

      The War against the “Liberators-turned-Opressors” is already won in advanced.

      WAR & PEACE – choose One!


  10. March 13, 2015 at 12:24 pm

    Too much looting of public money is going to shut down all the Jinubeen Universities.

    Now is that the regime you want to continue ruling the country?



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