A Traitor is always a traitor: A case of Nuer Traitors!!

By Ter Per Dieng,


Hon. Speaker Magok Rundial, Governor John Kong, Governor Simon Kun Puoc and Dr. Mariaal Bil Lual in Nuer Peace conference in Juba

Hon. Speaker Magok Rundial, Governor John Kong, Governor Simon Kun Puoc and Dr. Mariaal Bil Lual in Nuer Peace conference in Juba

April 20, 2015 (Nyamilepedia)—-I would like to define, traitor (S) as an individual or group of person who at time of ultimate need for solidarity in their Community (S) stood instead against their own people. It could as well be defined as someone/group of people who colludes with the enemy because of either individual or group’s gain, could be political, social or economic to exploit, suppress and or destroy their own communities.

Since Human creation, and especially during War-times, hired-hands have played vital roles in most historical Conquers, expansionary expeditions and Colorizations, utilized as one of most effective weapons, traitors always exploits their knowledge of their own community (S) terrains to inflict the most and the deadliest -blow against their people, Read the Bible, Political Historical-Books etcetera you will find that those who always seize such opportunities to get even with their own communities or sell their own people’s causes for selfish- benefits.

Traitors are always the villains since their illicit glory is always short lived as soon as the suppressed gained Victory, after which their generations are left to bear the ugly-weights of such cowardice actions. The World’s history from all cultures and traditions is littered with traitors of one kind or another, all exhibiting but one unique common character, betrayal of a bestowed trust in a fashion that leaves the victims flabbergasted and bewildered. The emperor and symbol of all traitors on Earth had always been but one, Judas Iscariot who sold his own Master and Lord Jesus Christ the Son of God.

The History of South Sudan like the rest of the World is not exceptional in as far as Political betrayals are concerned, I stand to be corrected, but I think we would well qualified to meet the top contender position among the nations or societies with the greatest number of traitors, however it’s worth noting that the criteria for determining those worthy of being labeled as betrayers would well vary or depends large on the angle at which one is seeing from, i.e. Traitors in the author’s case maybe a heroes in another person’s view, however still there could be a consensus on certain personalities especially if we were to be honest.

A such the Author believed the following would adequately qualify as the permanent and most prominent traitors of all times ; George Kongor Arop, Moses Machar, Bona Malual, Gatluak Deng Garang (R.I.P) Tut Gatluak also Known as Tutkew to name but just a few, but also capable of meeting this list is a little known , illiterate politician from Unity State, known as Gatguat Jiech, South Sudanese would vividly recall him, as a Man who contrary to the popular will, surprised the World during the referendum for independence by accusing the South Sudanese Referendum Commission of bias and impropriety in voter-registration Processes, his unfortunate, militias and Money-induced accusation was meant to give the National Congress Party (NCP) a ground to dispute or even jeopardize the process which later lead to our independence, ironically the same Man is currently serving under the failed, satanic and genocidal regime of Juba, this gentlemen have one thing in common, their unwavering support for Arabs against the Southerners , and their love for money is extraordinarily unique.

However the purpose of this article was not to provide a list of National traitors or name those who betrayed the whole Nation of South Sudan at one time or another since I’m by far unqualified to provide even a scratch for a list to that effect, but just to focus on societal/one community traitors at this point in time. The noticeable faces and names that betrayed the Nuer Community at a point when the community needed unity and Solidarity to stand strong, at a time when tens of thousands innocent Women, Children, men and elderly were slaughtered in cold blood by a tribal Chief, sitting on a National Presidency’s seat, at such a time when even Foreigners stood with the victims it was unthinkable that these gentlemen and women would turn-around and stab their Community in the Heart.

Following the Black-three-days (3-days: 15, 16 & 17-Dec/2013), and they days that follows which saw the brutal demise of tens of thousands innocent Nuer ethnic Nationalities at the merciless hand of Salvatore Kueth Piiny Lual and his Dinka Council of Elders’ armed Gangsters (Mathiang-Anyoor & Gelweng), Nuer Citizens all over the World as well as other Patriotic South Sudanese of other Nationalities and indeed the World at large Risen-up in Solidarity to condemn and fight against such inhumane and criminal onslaught , it was heart-breaking and unbelievable to see the following leaders join the enemy and betray their own people ; they includes but not Limited to; Manase Magok Rundial, Riak Gai Kok, Kuong Dahnier Gatluak, Simon Kuon Pouch, Kong Nyuon, Joseph Nguen Monytuil Wichnyang, Gony Beliu, Yoal Bath Dhoal Bany, Bapiny Manytuil Wichjang, Thayib Gatluak, Gatduel Gatluak, Phar Jiek Kuech, Puljang , Boay Roalnyang and the Noisest and probably the most unfortunate of them all, Mr. Kok Ruei, a failed Politician, well known for stealing Money meant for repatriation of South Sudanese from Khartoum while he was in charge of Humanitarians affairs docket .it’s worth noting that majority of these unfortunate Nuer Politicians and Military Generals are Perennial traitors who Sided with the North during the Struggle for Independence, many of them acquired fame and wealth through committing untold atrocities, flesh and blood trading trade, (the infamous Khartoum-allied Militias well-known for Guns-point Recruitment of School-Children to fight along the Northern regimes’ army)such idiotic actions have lead to unnecessary increment in Causalities among South Sudanese throughout the War-for-Struggles since it was a Southerner-Fighting-A Southerner.

They are now are surrounded by small scavengers and hyenas comprised mostly of failed politicians, community rejects and losers who mostly had had turbulent upbringings hence suffering from either chronic-low-self esteem or Chronic Malnutrition which might have resulted to retardation and impairment of their mental capabilities leading to questionable, yet illogical reasoning.

I request the readers to do a background check in to the majority of what make-up what’s today referred to as the Nuer-Wew, for sure majority would be people with very shady-past or who had very tough roads-in the past . indeed all the above are traitors as they are sellouts, they turned their back at their own people at a time when they were needed the most, ironically most of them if not all had lost relatives in the infamous Juba Genocide yet they stay put, motivated by nothing other than cowardice, money and fake-power, a none-existing power they cannot exercise or demonstrate to help their people, a bloodied money that sailed their Political Coffins in as far as their respective Communities are concerned. I am sure; these traitors in general and individually are and shall be but only a sad history in the nearer Political landscape of South Sudan.

Kindly, for simple exemplification, allow me to further narrow my focus to only three noticeable personalities among the above named persons and these are;
1. Mr.Manase Magok Rundial/ Kue-buora-Nyaluok (current Speaker of N.L.A , Juba’s rubber-stamp-Parliament)
The Author find it hard to blame this Old man not only because he’s naturally an opportunist who finds his chances only in such situations like this one but also because the Guy is old and sees no future for himself, as old as he is, all were surprised when he denied the painfully death of his own nephews and staffs, funny jokes are that, since he is old and absent-minded, he is probably unaware that Nuer Community, his own tribes are being killed by the Same Government he purport to serve .this old Gentleman, who is a product of NCP, was given a brief stint at Unity State Governorship between the year two thousand and two thousand and one (2000-2001) in the United Sudan, but was whisked-a-way due to what many thought was unbelievable incompetency and cowardice leading to unwarranted harassment of his Government by the then Militias under Paulino Matip (R.I.P). In the charmed electoral exercise of 2010, due to his age and ‘’Seniority’’ in Politic, he was rigged in as a representative to Juba, he is indeed both Communal traitor as well as National traitor who like his Colleagues named above stood behind Khartuom only to switch side when the Grass got greener in the South and now hiding behind a Monstrous regime bent to wiping-out his own tribe.

He shall go down in Nuer history as the Man who sold his people for Money and puppet’s post.

  1. Dr. Riak Gai Kok (puppet National Minister for Health),
    He was seen by many as a possible alternative to Dr. Riek Machar, in as far as Nuer Politic was concerned, a Hero to many Khartuomers-Nuer-Politic- Fanatic , Riak Gai, a high Profiled Politician who have served in various high-profile-positions highest being president of South Sudan coordination Council from the year two thousand and two to the year two thousand and five (2002-2005) is also a NCP product , known for his strong stance against tribal domination especially Dinka’s in South Sudan , he was until the Black December seen as a Man of people. Close sources however disclose that, Gai is a power-hungry who could do anything to get his hands to power, he’s rumored to have gotten Islamized for sake of getting power, whatever the case, his motivation for betraying his people in time of death goes beyond apprehension but depicts and exposes his long-hidden villain nature, Riak’s continued support for a regime which is working very hard to cleanse his own Community out of existence is therefore unforgivable, thus he is a traitor of the leading caliber and like his Colleagues the world will not end before they get handsomely paid for their coward betrayal. as a result of his action, all that he build for decades, the trust, the love and support across his community, he set-ablaze and burry hundred-feet deep, so does any future Political dream he might harbors in his chest all that is now dead forever .
  2. Nguen Monytuil Wichjang (Caretaker Governor of Unity State or Liech State as it is known now)
    Probably the youngest of the three, a man who fancied himself as the savior of the People of Unity State, he was seen by many as formidable force in Unity State and perhaps a growing star in National Politic too then, a NCP product like his Colleagues, he served as Unity State Governor from 2003-2005, people said he was a Member of Paulino Matip’ Militia’s Political wing, but like most of former Khartuom-backers he switched side as soon as things started getting better for Southerners , a Minister for Health in the former Government of Southern Sudan, and a Chairperson of the Cursed SPLM in Unity State. Until December, His support in Unity State was Significant. However his actions following the Juba Genocide against Nuer which did not spared his own relatives and personal body guards shocked, disappointed, and disheartened his supporters and foes alike ; his warlord endeavors and tireless and shameless efforts to turn the fight in to cheap-inter-clans-conflict in Unity State is unforgivable. Exploiting baseless excuses like; ‘’they are trying to steal my Governorship’’ oh they are fighting because I’m made a Governor’’ etc etc etc , this are lies and baseless ProPagandas that a Man of people shouldn’t be using to betray and kill his own people.

A savoir as he would like to be known in Unity State was the same ‘’ who together with his Deputy Mr.Mabeek Lang Debilkuei bought and brought the Infamous Thoroboro (Sudanese Rebels), who alongside the Notorious Militias of Puljang Top Murdered thousands of innocent Civilians in Cold blood in Unity State, they raped hundreds of thousands women and young girls, some too young to undergo sexual intercourse but were forced at gun-point with many dying as result with yet others getting infected by deadly diseases or worst getting their sexual organs destroyed permanently, the same groups looted the entire Bentiu Resources and wealth from Money in the Commercial Banks, Government assets as well as private individuals’ Assets .

A man of the People shouldn’t allow Mercenaries to kill his people so mercilessly for the sake of useless care-taker-Governorship, neither would a Man of the People watch Mercenaries Robb and ingloriously rape Innocent Women including young girls and kill them thereafter all in the name of getting bloodied Money. A savoir of the People as Nguen brags to be, shouldn’t have the guts to hide behind a government that has killed thousands, and forced the survivors in to filthy, overcrowded inhuman IDP-Camps. A holocaust regime that’s using Cluster Bombs, Chemicals and all kinds of banned weapons to implement ethnic cleansing policy, maybe it’s true indeed what some say, that certain people were created to feed on bloods and Souls of others.

In conclusion, signs and symptoms are so far indicating that the, Jieng Community, especially the Political class is bent toward fulfilling its Doctrine, its intents to clean all out of their crooked Government, they will therefore pay our brothers their deserved earnings in the nearer future, the discontents with John Kong In Jonglei, Assassination of James bwogo are just but the beginning of the unfolding drama, sooner or later, it shall dawn on the Nuer-wew.

And we shall laugh loudly to the dances of traitors.


  6 comments for “A Traitor is always a traitor: A case of Nuer Traitors!!

  1. GatNor
    April 20, 2015 at 9:35 am

    This is a great article & I would like to advice the editor(writer) to follow this with serious of spotlight exposure of individuals with tittles like

    (Nuer Traitors Exposed – So & so is our subject of spotlight )

    Mainly because there are so many of these Nuer traitors that not even a single article could sufficiently cover in educating the broader public. It would also help to mention their direct & or indirect legal involvement in the crimes committed against the citizens.


    Past statement, quotes from the subject in justifying their stance then and now if available would be of interest to the readers as well.

    There will be much to discuss on these individuals & also it will attract more visitors to the site to see who they would hear about next. Currently the general public are not aware of many actors behind the scenes contributing to the detriment of the ordinary citizens & the country at large. These are the very people we do not need in the future to be representing communities.


  2. April 20, 2015 at 12:21 pm

    South Sudan is not for the Ropes or Shrouds,may be the Greater Upper Nile ( GUN).


  3. April 20, 2015 at 12:24 pm

    Sleeves should be for the beds cover.


  4. April 20, 2015 at 4:23 pm

    Mr. Ter Per Dieng have you forgotten the List of Dinkas Traitors in the SPLA IO?

    The follow list of Dinkas Traitor in rebellion of former vice president are as follows:
    1. Mabior Garang Mabior Atem
    2. David Dau Atourjong
    3. Eward Lino Abyei.
    4. Dhiue Mathok Diing
    5. Brother Lual Mathok Diing.
    6. Agel Riing Machar

    And the list could go long but this is just few to mention that, these are collaborators Dinkas who went to cooperates with Khartoum regime and they are most Traitors and the real question to author Ter Dieng is that, are you saying that all Nuers must quitting the government and following tribal movement? Obviously, it is undeniable to say, Southern Sudanese are not ready to elected Nuer politician to serve in Public Office and to become a president of South Sudan nation when you see some of Nuers members in the rebellion are single out Nuers in the government. Some smallest tribes maybe worries most if one of the Nuer politician took power but the Dinka tribe has nothing to worry at all because they are majority in the nation and they can opposed any thing and kick out the leader if they don’t like him.


  5. augustine
    April 21, 2015 at 12:36 am

    you keep on branding them as traitors then what will dinka community think of like of mabior Garang,Dau Aturjong?


  6. kuby Thany
    April 21, 2015 at 7:53 am

    I feel this is a nail hit right on its head, the dinka Heroes who are in support for rebellion today are simply doing it out of pure patriotism, if innocent Nuer were not slaughtered in Juba by the Holigans of Kiir , we would be treating this rebellion with absolute indifferent. the scripts we would be reading today would be way different , in fact , I think like other aimess uprisings that crumble before , it could have deid down already….but looking at the rebels of today , they have antion wide support because they have got the national genda and they indeed represent the aspirations of the People of SouthSudan.


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