South Sudan Members of Parliament – Job Defenders or Non Performers?

Whom do they represent any way in the national parliament?

South Sudanese MPs stand during a parliamentary session in Juba on August 31, 2011(Photo supply)

South Sudanese MPs stand during a parliamentary session in Juba on August 31, 2011(Photo supply)

May 28, 2015(Nyamilepedia) —- Today 28th May 2015 all the South Sudanese citizens and constituencies have known that the people they sent to represent them in parliament [MPs] are indeed not representing their interest but representing their own interests.

Today the chief whip of the South Sudan national parliament Mr. Odongi accused the MPs of not attending to parliamentary sessions. There are those who sign the attendance sheet for the purpose of allowance and disappear without attending to the parliamentary sessions.

Today there was a big radio talk show on Miraya FM on the issue of MPs not attending to parliamentary session for many times. Those who gave their views on radio Miraya criticized the MPs for their misconduct of not attending to parliamentary session.

The chief whip of the national parliament has introduced a solution as a remedy measures for MPs to sign twice. That means the MPs have to sign on arrival in the parliament and sign after the parliamentary session is over. This is to check on their regular attendance.

Accordingly in the last session only 135 MPs attended the parliamentary session, while 16 MPs absented with permission and the rest not known where they are.

The national parliament has about 350 MPs representing various constituencies in South Sudan.

The question asked is why are MPs not attending parliamentary sessions????

Some of The reasons given by some of the MPs for not going to parliament are that there is no water in the parliament, there is no fuel for their cars, and there are no sitting allowances for parliamentary sessions.

These are all laughable reasons given by our legislators.

When have the MPs realized that there is no water in the parliament, there is no fuel for their cars and there is no sitting allowances for their parliamentary sessions??.

Have the MPs just awakened from a deep sleep to realize that all that they have mentioned are missing?

Since when did these items mentioned go missing?

Where were they [MPs] when the poor citizens have been complaining of lack of safe drinking water, shortages of food and high prices, scarcity of fuel when hundreds line up in petrol stations for hours? Many government staffs have gone for months without salaries despite the rocketing prices of commodities country wide.

Can the suffering of the citizens be compared to the issues of allowances and water for the MPs in the parliament?

Are the MPs really mindful about the people they claim to represent?? Ha ha, brothers and sisters [MPs] please be serious with national issues.

The behavior of the South Sudan legislative assembly shows that the MPs are really not true representatives of the people but they are there in the parliament to defend their jobs.

Why should the MPs not be ashamed to complain for lack of allowances, water and fuel when the citizens are starving from rocketing food prices in the markets?

Many are dying because of lack of proper health care services when the MPs are only complaining for their individual needs and are facilitated to go abroad for medical treatment??

What have the MPs done to address the complaints facing the citizens of South Sudan in general including their own?

It is apparent that the MPs are totally ignorant of their roles as representatives in the parliament. If they had known their roles they would have not complained of minor things for themselves but they would rather be tackling very important issues like the economy, ending the war, better services to the people of the country, insecurity, crimes etc.

In such a situation of our so called MPs of the national legislative assembly, what would a voter in Wau, Yambio, Juba,Torit, Yei etc. think of their representatives?

It is very sad to see that the MPs are being paid fat salaries and allowances and yet they ignore their work. The MPs should be reminded that despite the current economic crises thousands of public workers are commuting to work place on foot. They are carrying their water from home [pots] to drink in their work place or on the way. Why are the MPs exceptional?

The MPs being the law makers are supposed to push for better laws that make the lives of the citizens comfortable. But if they are there to complain for themselves alone and leaving the citizens they claim to represent I am sorry.

The MPs should better resign from their seats and give way to capable young generation to drive things ahead.

On the other side of the coin the MPs have not been able to explicitly explain all the reasons for their absence from parliamentary sessions may be because of fear.

The MPs could also be frustrated because they could not debate on crucial issues freely in the parliament, they cannot have a say to oppose any thing presented for debate as they are always threatened to pass bills by the executive. Because of their views were not being heard they could feel reluctant to attend sessions which they think they could be forced to pass under pressure.

My advice to the MPs is that instead of absenting from parliamentary sessions it is better they resign instead of filling the seats of MPs in the parliament and do nothing.

Complain while you are working and not while you are not working.

So please our MPs assess your selves whether you are indeed fit to be called honorable MP so and so claiming to be representing your people.

To the chief whip of the national parliament – please publish the names of MPs who do not attend sessions so that their voters will know.

God bless our country South Sudan.

Lojur Molu can be reached at

  7 comments for “South Sudan Members of Parliament – Job Defenders or Non Performers?

  1. May 28, 2015 at 7:02 am

    Truth and Reality,they only care of their officialism and small budget from Khartoum since 1956. They never represented nobody since Southern Sudan Regional administrative / Autonomy. What i know is that they only care of big cities and the so called big cities were still Shanty Towns and nothing had change until second civil War 1983.


  2. May 28, 2015 at 7:08 am

    Well written article, thank you!


  3. Yeitop
    May 28, 2015 at 10:49 am

    Mr. Lojur Malu.
    The rotten egg in Juba city is soon to burst and every citizen will smell it’s odour. All the MPs are aware but because of daily bread, they are enduring the situation by giving fake excuses.
    The rate of killing and robbery is increasing day by day. Yei road, Kajokeji road, Maridi and Rumbek roads are not accessable due to one ethnic group specializing in killing innocent citizen.
    Their days in the palace already numbered.
    Fake government of jengelonz


  4. GatNor
    May 28, 2015 at 1:30 pm

    On the latest development Ethiopia’s ruling party are on their way to a land slide win on election and this will encourage the key players active in the South Sudan conflict end the civil war without having to worry losing election.

    Uganda’s parliamentarian wants an immediate withdrawal of its UPDF forces out of South Sudan. In addition to withdrawal, North Sudan’s Rebel mercenaries up in Upper Nile(South Sudan) have already initiated a withdrawal of their forces out of South Sudan territory. Major General Dau Aturjong is positioning his SPLM/A-In Opposition forces in strategic locations in the region of Bar El Gazal and at the same time refusing any separate dialogue between him and the criminal government of South Sudan. In the region of Equatoria the youth has tested the water by over running the thugs in Mundari county within minutes.

    Meanwhile, United State is establishing a coastal base in Port Sudan to bam up security in the region. All of these developments are taking place within days concurrently as the SPLM/A-In Opposition forces decide that the oil production is due for a total shut down in order to deny Juba thugs and financial leverage. Politicians in Bar el Gazal are miraculously understanding the language of peaceful dialogue, wants no suffering and are persuasive in their approach to SPLM/A-In Opposition’s heavy weigh General Aturjong who is well positioned.

    The power that be is pulling strings of everyone involved in South Sudan conflict or regionally to get moving as told. Amazingly the Jaang council of elders are quiet and most likely they are planning their escape. The kingdom is doomed to crumble.


  5. May 28, 2015 at 3:51 pm

    Their term ended on 8th of March 2015, there fore they are no longer MPs why bother them?


    • May 29, 2015 at 1:57 am

      It will take up to 100 years for Nuers to become president because Dr. Riek Machar has destroyed image of Nuer.Julian Assange and Edward Snowden can’t become presidents while they are on ran.


  6. ram cha
    May 28, 2015 at 4:32 pm

    Dear Nyamile, I am very happy for your new tone. Outburst will do us no good.
    Thanks to you for this website, that allow broken hearted folks like myself to breath out their frustration. Where I from, on the buses, we don’t get up for older folks, unless they are, beyond reasonable doubts, proven disables. Nepotism is number one enemy to content with; if it is allowed to spread like merciless cancer, will effect all including the brightest ones.
    Culture of corruption is our biggest enemy in South Sudan, and not Riek Machar, Salva Kiir or Pagan Amoum. These freaks are only following what they had learned from their forbearers. I soon will kick off my own hot info tip line, just for the love of exposing heartless like these. Keep on going, and don ‘t pick a side but work for all 64 Tribes. The reword isn’t instant but a blissful one. Great men like Michael Angelo, Leonardo Davinshi and Lewis Pastor never received any acknowledgment in their life times, even some of these great men died poor, but, their descendants are thriving and reaping their hard earned works. We need a person who will rule these lazy bunches, rid of nepotism with an iron fist, and I’m afraid there isn’t any one like that on this Earth.


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